Online Press Kit

Here's stuff you're supposed to care about, or something.

Fancy Promo Photo [tiny as peas][big, if you wanna print it or something]
One Sheet of Nonsense[download *.rtf version]
Review of "Bass Response EP" from "The One True Dead Angel"
Interview in the Daily Kent Stater, 26 January 2006
Interview in Cool Cleveland, 17 August 2005 [download pdf version]
Interview in Utter Trash Zine (as Black Cabbage), 15 July 2004
A short interview from the Scene with Iron Oxide (as Black Cabbage), Dead Peasant Insurance, I Sing the Body Electric, and Thursday Club, about the first NO CLEVELAND night on 14 October 2004
A brief blurb about Black Cabbage show with I Sing the Body Electric and Dead Peasant Insurance which appeared in the Free Times. You aren't allowed to know when from, because we forgot.