19 February 2006

We were recently interviewed by the Daily Kent Stater -- you can check out the results here. Note that this has a few factual errors -- Jeff was never in Guided by Voices! We also just got word about this review of the "Bass Response EP," which appeared on the One True Dead Angel e-zine. Scroll down at the link above to see it. Whoever wrote this, we want to be your new best friend.

Our show on February 17th went well -- a small but attentive crowd came to see our decay-fanatic selves, the home-made synth sexiness of FluxMonkey, and some hypnotic psych-punk improv from Volcanos Awake. Some mp3's may make it to the website. Our next show is on March 3rd at Pat's, with Fuzzhead (yep) and Quicken Loans Noise Band (Steam Drapula and Perpetual Amnesia tag team noise action). Scientific studies have found that it's going to be a freakin' great time.

18 January 2006

Well well well, it's been a while since we updated this! An online press kit has just been added to the website. We've put out a compilation called Hits Below the Rust Belt: A Coffee-Hut Records Sampler, which you can look at here. It contains some unreleased tracks by us and is only $1. We're playing 28 January at ECC in Kent with Parsley Flakes and Ema, then 17 February and 3 March at Pat's in the Flats. We don't have all the other bands finalized, but it'll probably include Fluxmonkey and some other cool people. More later.

20 September 2005

Our tour dates are finally, er, finalized -- we're playing September 30 at the Apocalypse Lounge in NYC, then October 2 at Wavelength in Toronto. If you live anywhere near these places, you should come out and watch us be drunken fools with large, obsolete equipment. The Bass Response 45 is officialy out now -- again, that's available for purchase here.

8 September 2005

Well, the Mahall's open mic is no more, so we're back to intermittent performances. Our next show is September 18th at Mahall's. We might be going on tour at the end of the month, or it might be more like driving to Toronto just to play one show. When we actually know, we'll say something. Also, in the next few days. the "Bass Response" 45 will be available for purchase from Coffee-Hut Records. Since we're putting it out ourselves, it's set us back quite a good chunk of change, so please, please buy a copy for yourself (and ten of your closest friends).

18 August 2005

We did an interview for Cool Cleveland a few months ago and it's finally come out. It's a bit dated but still works. You can see that here. The main "correction" is that we now play at the open mic night at Mahall's bowling alley in Lakewood (it's on Madison, between Grace and, uh, another street), which I'm stating here in case anyone reads the interview and wants to come drink cheap beer, bowl, and bathe in a beautiful waterfall of distortion with us.

Our 7" is in the works, and we should be getting our test copies any day now. When it's all ready, you'll see more about it here.

01 August 2005

The open mic is back! It's at Mahall's bowling alley on Monday nights from 8pm until close. We played the first one last week and brought home this snazzy tribal mp3 of us playing with Jon Thomas from Volcanos Awake. Both Jeff and Jon played drums while Kat did her Farfisa thing.

Massive boredom caused us to give in and get yet another shitty myspace page. Now even sad teenygoths we don't actually know can pretend to be our friends but still never come to our shows, just like you do. Technology is wonderful.

29 June 2005

The "Flash Gordon Serialism" album has been up for a while without any notice about it on the news page, but hey, here you go. There's now also a "companion piece" entitled "Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe," which is a recording of five copies of "Flash Gordon Serialism" being played simutaneously. Both are available from Coffee-Hut Records.

We spent the last weekend recording material for an upcoming 45 at the Bomb Shack in Parma, which is a converted bomb shelter studio run by Rich, the drummer from Uva Ursi. Rich, aside from being a cool guy and a great drummer, was a pleasure to work with, and he didn't try to turn us into adult contemporary or anything. Recording is still insanely stressful, but at least all that hard work combined with temperatures reaching 99 F gave us an excuse to get ice cream at Zero Zest. Iron Oxide officially supports the City of Parma and its fine citizenry, even if the reverse isn't true. Anyway, more news about the 45 will be put up here when there is any news.

We're playing this weekend at Mahall's 20 Lanes Bowling Alley, for the DIYFest. A whole lot of bands are playing this thing. We're on around 10.45 on July 2. The Capsule has been gone for about a month, but the open mics might also move to Mahall's. . .stay tuned for info.

4 May 2005

We just played a great show at what might be the last open mic at Capsule, with our guest theremin player from LA, Pat Trip. Wyatt from DPI provided drumming. Mp3's are here, and photos are here. There is also a video we might make available once we have the capability to do so.

We are in the midst of working on a special "concept" four-track project, tentatively titled "Schoenberg's Cat". We've played it live, and the mp3 is available on the sounds page. Essentially, we play 12 one-note songs, a song for each note. Live, we did it with two basses. On four-track, we'll do it with every tuned instrument we can dig up.

We completed another four-track project with Kyle from As Dead as Dreams/Fall Before the Almighty Tarrasque. . ./Grooveroller, and he should finish it up soon. We recorded two tracks of a four-track, and he recorded two tracks, and we mailed it around. It was fun. If anyone out there wants to do something like this with us, let us know! It's the kind of thing we'd really like to do with anyone who's into "the noise music".

We're still planning on invading the studio sometime this summer and releasing some "official" stuff. . .so keep your eyes peeled.

4 March 2005

Even though we haven't been playing any shows, we haven't fallen off the face of the Earth, so I've created this news section to let you all know what we've been up to.
The Tower (, Cleveland's lone remaining DIY venue, has been shut down due to landlord difficulties. No Cleveland #5 was booked there for the weekend after this, and therefore, didn't happen. This after No Cleveland #4 was mysteriously "cancelled" without any of the bands being informed in advance. To quote Amanda from DPI, "making anything happen in this time and place is like trying to keep a wet mud erection". Sure, there's a lot of clubs to play at in Cleveland -- if you want to get screwed over, ripped off, have the jukebox turned on in the middle of your set, get beat up by the owner, or just generally be treated like crap. Grrrr, we say.

We have been playing at Capsule's Open Mic nights on Mondays, which have been really fun. There's a lot of the typical acoustic guitar 'n' singer stuff you expect from open mics, but also a lot of our kind of thing (Thursday Club, DPI, and us are regulars) and miscellaneous noise/electronica that is always interesting. It's free, a cut of the bar goes to Cleveland's Food Not Bombs, and the more people who show up, the more likely it is to be a permanent event. We get even more experimental than usual at the open mics, and play a lot of improvised noise, and even weird old-timey folk and blues, with and without acoustic guitar.

We're also working on a lot of new material to go along with Kat's instrument-switch, and hope to end up in a real honest-to-gosh recording studio sooner or later, and maybe even put out a 7" and/or full length album.

In non-IO news, we've finally made the Coffee-Hut Records something to write home about -- and Kat's released a lot of new Dexalone Cowboy stuff, which can be found here.

Iron Oxide