December 6, 2006: Show at Mocha Dreams
July 2, 2005: Starvation Army DIYFest at Mahall's
May 2, 2005: Show with Pat Trip at Capsule

Some other images:

Flyer by Jeff for our show with Fuzzhead and Quicken Loans Noise Band.

Iron Oxide masquerading as "Noise Bumpkins." It's a long, weird story.

Our promotional photo from 27 June 2005, taken from the scenic Clark Avenue bridge, with view of our favorite steel mills. It looks like we paid someone $100 to do it, but instead we used a camera with a timer and a practice pad stand as a tripod and did it ourselves.

16 August 2005: Iron Oxide at Mahall's 20 Lanes.
04 October 2004: Black Cabbage with guest Wyatt Howland of DPI. At The Tower [RIP].

28 October 2004: Black Cabbage at The Black Eye [RIP].

Thanks to everyone who has taken photos for us.