All Iron Oxide/Black Cabbage releases, as well as much else from the world of underground noise/experimental/post-punk is available from our label, Coffee-Hut Records.

Various Artists: Hits Below the Rust Belt: A Coffee-Hut Records Sampler [CUP -- 014]
A compilation on Iron Oxide's very own Coffee-Hut Records, featuring previously unreleased tracks. Other artists appearing on this compilation include the Bad Crabs, Jeff Curtis, Dead Peasant Insurance, The Dexalone Cowboy, Fall Before the Almighty Tarrasque. . ., J'Accuse, Nicholas Megalis, Skin Graft, and Thursday Club. Check it out at the Coffee-Hut website.

Iron Oxide: Bass Response EP [CUP -- 009]
Our first vinyl release, specially designed to test the bass response of your hi-fi system. Available in a limited edition of 100 colored vinyl and insert, and also in black vinyl and b/w insert.

Iron Oxide: Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe [CUP -- 007]
5 copies of Flash Gordon Serialism played simutaneously on WCSB.

Iron Oxide: Flash Gordon Serialism [CUP -- 006]
12 one-note songs recorded with fourteen instruments on a four-track.

Black Cabbage: Rust Mecca/The Sick and Wounded [CUP -- 002]
A 12-minute CD-R-EP by the "new" Black Cabbage, from October 2004. Limited edition of hand-colored artwork sold out.

Black Cabbage: Proto Neo Post Wave Rock Core [CUP -- 001]
The first Black Cabbage album, a full length of compiled material from the first six months of Black Cabbage. With handmade self-destructing cover.