About Iron Oxide
Iron Oxide is a two-piece band from Cleveland, Ohio, consisting of Jeff Curtis (bass, vocals) and K. Stewart (bass, Farfisa, and vocals, to name a few). Formerly known as Black Cabbage, the name change came about as the band increasingly dedicated itself to reflecting its Rust Belt surroundings.

Iron Oxide have been awkwardly thrust into more than one genre, but none really fit. Since it's even more awkward to have no answer when someone asks what kind of music they play, Iron Oxide usually is categorized as noise, experimental, no wave, or no-fi. The descriptions "apocalypse music" and "sounding like a steel mill" are a bit closer to the mark, and they have (somewhat jokingly) coined the term "postapocalyspo". As one of the few groups that don't satisfy themselves with mindless imitation of the tried and true, comparisons to other bands fall short.

Jeff Curtis has been a member of more bands than he can remember. His website is at eBuh.com.

Most of the other bands K. Stewart has been in were imaginary. Her website is at www.decaying-industries.com.